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Asaf Lifshitz


The Open Museum - Omer Industrial Park


15 feet tall



Description A bicycle capable of taking its rider to the sky
Caption "The tradition of the artist is part and parcel of his very being. In spite of no formal training in the arts, artistry has been interwoven throughout his life. Asaf's statues grace the yards and gardens of Israel from Metulla in the north to Beer-Sheva in the south. Each statue has its contrasts and tensions within the contrast. These contrasts are expressed : by the different materials he chooses to work with, (bronze, stainless steel and basalt, an Ignatius rock) and by their combinations, -some in the natural form and others into another format. And by the appearance of motion in the figures. in contrast to the stationary element of the inanimate objects."
By Ayala Ducas at