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Berny Fink


In a park along the beach

Description A balanced moon on a pedestal
Caption "Fink, Bernie, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1942-Bernie Fink, Sculptor. b. 1942, Johannesburg, South Africa. Immigrated 1962; settled in Kibbutz Yizrael. Environmental Sculptures: 1976 Shlomi; 1983 Stone Wall, Givat Haim Meuchad; 1984 Yad Vashem; 1986 National Park, Ramat Gan; 1987 Hazor, Galilee; 1990 President's Forest, Jerusalem Hills; 1999 Memorial to Soldiers who Fell in Lebanon, Sharei Zion; etc. Lives, teaches and works in his studio, Kibbutz Yizrael."
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