Jaffa Promenade Mural

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Ana Kagan


Jaffa Seawall Promenade


Paint on concrete



Description A mural depicts an assembly of Jewish luminaries watching as people pass by on the Promenade
Caption The mural is on a deteriorating building that is slated for demolition. 

In reply to my message to the artist asking abou the mural:
"The painitng doesnt have a title. It was made before 2 years ago. Why did i do it? i cant tell exactlly.  I think street is the best place for artist noweadays. This wall has to be destroyed by the munitipality. There are papers already, but it is still there, and people are living in this building".
(By eMail from the artist on February 16, 2011) 
Other References About the artist: http://tziur-kir.co.il/