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Santiago Calatrava


Technion - Israel Institute ofTechnology


28 meters high


Stainless steel



Description An undulating obelisk at the heart of the promenade that serves as the symbol of research creativity at the institute
Caption "World-renowned architect Dr. Santiago Calatrava has designed a giant obelisk that marks the heart of the Technion campus. The 28-meter high kinetic sculpture is composed of 224 steel ribs on eight levels. The monument moves in a wave-like motion, in which each moving rib induces the sequential motion of the next one level at a time from top to bottom. 'I designed this vertical kinetic sculpture, which integrates beauty with technique and mechanics, such that it can be seen from every place.'”
From: www.technion.ac.il/en/2011/02/signifying-tech...

"Large movable sculpture formed by a central tube of steel covered by a skin of 224 stainless steel bars that can be moved by means of a hydraulic system. 168 bars are 3.5m high and the remaining 56 are 2.43 high. A reinforced concrete pad footing measuring 4.5m square and 1.5m deep supports the galvanised steel mast that will in turn be covered by the moving stainless steel elements."
From: [ http://www.calatrava.com/projects/obelisk-haifa.html]
Other References About the Technion: http://sculptures.technion.ac.il/
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