Israel Public Art

This catalog of public art in Israel is intended to be a resource that will call attention to an important cultural resource: The art, monuments, sculpture, and memorials in Israel. You may enjoy browsing, for entertainment, or using it as a research tool. I’ve tried to make it work both ways. There are several hundred entries on the web site now and more are being added monthly.

If you can fill in missing information, or point out typos or errors, I would appreciate that.

What Is Public Art?

"The term 'public art,' properly, refers to works of art, in any media, that have been planned and executed with the specific intention of being sited or staged in the public domain, usually outside and accessible to all. The term is especially significant within the art world, amongst curators, commissioning bodies, and creators of public art, to whom it signifies a particular working practice, often with implications of site specificity, community involvement, and collaboration" (From WikiPedia).

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