Soltan Basha El-Atrash Monument

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Jamal Hasan


Kekar on Route 89

Description An equestrian statue
Caption Sultan al-Atrash, (March 5, 1891 – March 26, 1982) (Arabicسلطان الأطرش‎‎), commonly known as Sultan Pasha al-Atrash (Arabic: Ø³Ù„طان باشا الأطرش‎‎) was a prominent Arab Druze leader, Syrian nationalist and Commander General of the Syrian Revolution (1925–27). He fought against the OttomansFrench, and even against the Syrian government in its days of dictatorship. One of the most influential figures in Syrian and Druze history, he played a major role in deciding the destiny of Jabal al-Druze and of Syria in general.

Kisra -Sume (Arabicكسرا-سميع‎‎; Hebrewכִּסְרָא-סֻמֵיע‎) is an Arab town in the western Galilee in the Northern District of Israel. In 2015 it had a population of 8,177, most of whom are members of the Druze community. The town is the result of a merger between the villages of Kisra and Sumei and it was recognised as a local council in 1990.